This Week
This Week
This Week

May 22 – 26

Every Wednesday after 8pm: Community Music Hootenanny (public domain or original songs only, no covers)

Thursday, May 23: Banjo Blue (Paula Bradley formerly of Moonshine Holler)

Friday, May 24: The Lucky 5

Saturday, May 25: The Winter Folk

Sunday, May 26: Avi Jacob

This Week

May 10 – 12

Friday, May 10: Bernice Lewis

Saturday, May 11: Gilliver

Sunday, May 12: Mother’s Day. Free Desserts for the entire family when you bring your Mom or Grandmother! Also, in the Music Room: Ray Mason

For Mother’s Day at The Dream Away Lodge

Chef Amy is paying tribute to the Mothers, Grandmothers, and even Great Grandmothers in her life! She’s Baking up a Storm from special recipes she loves from those generations of Mothers she has held dear.

Free Desserts for all Families bringing their Mother or Grandmother… out for dinner!

Reservations highly suggested and appreciated!

Nanny’s Strawberry Shortcake–Sweetened strawberries over a slice of warm homemade buttered white bread–My Great Grandmother from Warren Ohio, She lived to 101, and in her lifetime she traveled west to California both by Stagecoach and by Jet Plane! In Warren she was highly regarded for being a wonderful cook. The White Bread recipe is from Mimi, my Grandmother also from Ohio.

Grandma Kaufman’s Krumkake–Hand rolled waffle type cones filled with berries and whipped cream lightly sweetened, flavored with rose water–German Grandmother of my best friend, Erna Kaufman lived in Sheffield and then Mill River, where our 2 families went to eat and play and stay overnight with lots of cousins and friends all through my growing up. I, somehow, am the lucky keeper of her Krumkake iron!

Grandma Kaufman’s Rhubarb Kuchen--Very moist cake with lemon zest, vanilla and almond extract, scattered liberally with spring rhubarb and sugar, then baked with the fruit sinking into the cake and cooking within! Another of my gifts from a remarkable cook.

Fay Fay’s Never Fail Cake–Old fashioned Spice Cake with walnuts and raisins with butter-vanilla frosting on top, served in squares–Another special Mother in my life, Fay Spahn lived in Stockbridge, was incredibly hip-NY, funny, artistic, a bit raucous, and we loved each other since I was born. She had 2 boys, maybe I was a bit of girl for her. From her recipe, we baked this cake a lot, taking it for parties and picnics, it traveled well, frosted in it’s square pan.

Mom’s Cherry Pie--What can I say? I grew up baking with my mother, who’s curiosity, skill and love of the best ingredients encouraged me to go for it!

Mrs. Tenney’s Sponge Cake with Lemon Sauce–Mother of 9 from a Vermont family of 12, Mrs.Tenney lived in Glendale in Stockbridge. She was my “babysitter” where I always knew what we would be doing from the poem she recited to me. Monday washing, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday mending, Thursday churning, Friday cleaning, Saturday baking, Sunday resting. A wonderful warm and caring woman and a divine New England cook and baker.

This Week

May 3 – 5

Friday, May 3: The Pawn Shop Saints

Saturday, May 4: Bobby Sweet

Sunday, May 5: Nadine and Sammy from Foghorn AND Cinco de Mayo!

One Day Each Year The Dream Away Lodge hosts a Mexican Fiesta Buffet at The Hot Spot! Grab your plate and get in line for make-your-own tacos and more!!!!!

Reservations are highly suggested and appreciated!!! Buffet will be moved inside if weather is crummy. All reserved tables inside!

$30 per person, ) $15 for kids under 12 (not including tax and service

All the Fixings Table:

Pico de Gallo Salsa • Salsa Verde, Chipotle/Tomatillo Salsa • Habanero Salsa • Guacamole • Fresh Mi Tierra Corn Tortilla Chips • Sour Cream • Jalapenos en Escabeche • Grated Cheddar • Shredded Lettuce •

Pickled Red Onions • Warm Mi Tierra Corn Tortillas • Refried Beans

Fiesta Tacos and More Buffet:

• Pork Carnitas–Tender and slow cooked, shredded and crisped Pork Butt

• Oaxacan Lamb Barbacoa– Leg of Lamb, smoked, slow cooked and shredded wrapped in Banana Leaves

• Tamales filled with Queso Fresco and Pipian Rojo, served from the steamer (Vegetarian)

• Pozole Blanco Clásico (Pork and Nixtamalized Corn Stew)

• Wood-Fired Roast Chicken brined in Negra Modelo Beer, Ancho Chile, Brown Sugar, and Garlic

• Smoky Vegetables and Chickpeas Cooked Barbacoa Style (Vegan)

For Kids:

You can order Wood-Fired Oven Quesadillas

Or Mac and Cheese

Amy’s special Chocolate Chip Cookies Mexican Style or a cup of Sorbet included!

This Week

April 26 – 28

Friday, April 26: The Crazy Neighbors
Saturday, April 27: Pop Up Raw Oyster Bar starting at 5. Bring Cash! While supplies last! AND…Allysen Callery in the Music Room

This Week
This Week

March 29 – 31

Friday: Bobby Sweet
Saturday: Emma G and her Superhero Tour

This Week

March 22 – 24

Saturday, March 23:
Pop-Up Raw Oyster Bar
starts at 5…bring CASH.
Milton in The Music Room around 8.

This Week

March 15 – 17

Friday, March 15: Opening Night of the Season! New Early Spring Menu
Saturday, March 16: Serving Dinner at 5pm.
Sunday, March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. $10 Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner (while supplies last) and Misty Blues in The Music Room!