This Week

Saturday, May 9

Dream Away Lodge Take-out Menu                           Saturday May 9, 2020

(413) 623-8725                                            orders Thurs. and Fri noon to four

Blue Cheese Dressing (vegetarian, gluten freePint $10

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (vegan, gluten freePint $8

Dream Away Ranch Dressing (vegetarian)   Pint $10

Chick Pea Hummus ½ pint(gluten free, vegan)   $3.75 

Baba Ganoush ½ pint (gluten free, vegan$3.75

Zaatar Pita Wedges (vegan8 for $3.00

Check our pantry list for more mezze style nibbles!

Hot and Sour Soup (vegan, gluten free)

Cuban Black Bean Soup (gluten free

Corn Chowder with bacon (gluten free, dairy)

Quart $18

         Pint $9

Ponzu Tofu    for 2    $25

Soy and Citrus house-made Ponzu sauce, Jasmine rice on the side (gluten free, vegan)

Pesto Lasagna with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, 3 cheeses, marinara   for 2  $25


Tunisian Harissa Chicken  for 2    $25

Baked dark meat chicken in our own harissa, Couscous on the side (gluten free without couscous)

Baked Salmon Filet with Dream Away Tartar Sauce (gluten free) for 2  $28

With fingerling potatoes on the side

Carbonnade a la Flamande  for 2     $28

Belgian beef, onion and beer stew with rosemary. fingerling potatoes on the side                  

Maine Lobster Ravioli –  for 2    $25

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli – for 2   $12.00

• Basil, Ramp, Lemon and Tomato Sauce  (gluten free, veganQuart   $16

Garlic Bread for 2 (vegetarian)     $4.00

Cheesecake with Cherries 6”   $12

Blueberry Crumb Pie 6”    $12

2 Shortcake Biscuits (strawberries in pantry list) $5

Sourcream Coffee Cake Loaf           $12

Lemon-Blueberry Cake Loaf          $12

2 Banana Coconut Muffins   $5

Dream Away Lodge Pantry Menu                           (413) 623-8725

Saturday, May 9, 2020                           orders Thurs. and Fri noon to four

Hand Sanitizer         Alcohol 80 proof         8 oz. flip top bottles           $7.25

Berkshire Mountain Bakery                  
San Francisco Sourdough (1 lb. unsliced) $3.50 per loaf  
Potato Onion (1 lb. unsliced)  $4.00 per loaf  

Great Barrington Bagel Co.–Chef’s choice mixed ½ dz.           $8.00 per ½ dz.

Cream Cheese Schmears–Olive or Scallion  or Plain   ½ pint $3.00

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Schmear with dill and capers   $5.50 ½ pint

Greek Olive Mix             $4.00/½ pint 

Dolmas           $4.00/6 pieces

Marcona Almonds     $6.00/½ pint

Feather Ridge Farm large brown eggs    $4.00/dozen

High Lawn Farm whole milk            $3.75/½ gallon

High Lawn Farm half and half     $2.25/pint

Butter, unsalted                   $3.25/solid pound

Noosa Fruit Yogurts one each of Tart Cherry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Lemon, Blueberry $8.00/4

Goat Cheese            $7.50        

Brie         $7.50/1/4 wheel                  

Stone Ground Cornmeal, Farmer Ground Flour $3.00/2 lb. bag, with Crispy Corn Flapjack Recipe

Heckers All Purpose Flour  $5.00 per 5 lb. bag

SAF Yeast         $3.00

Herbs           Scallions $1.50    Basil $2.00   Dill  $2.00   Flat Leaf Parsley  $2.00 

Mini Heirloom Tomatoes  Five College Farms            $4.75 lb.

Euro Cucumber  $3.00 

Rainbow Chard, organic         $4.00 per bunch

Sugar Snap Peas   $3.75 lb.

Red Peppers           $3.25 for 2

Baby Lettuce Mix–Little Leaf Farm  $8.00 ½ lb.

Head of Garlic            $2.50 per head

Carrots, organic 2 lbs.  $3.50 

Celery  $2.50 per head 

Strawberries   $5.75 lb. 

Lemons and Limes 3 of each per bag   $4.50 per bag

Oranges   4 per bag            $3.50

Hosta Hill Gochu Curried Kraut   $6.75 per pint                   

Barrington Coffee Roasters Vienna Roast, whole bean   $11.00/12 oz.

       413 blend, ground coffee  $11.00/12 oz

DeCecco Linguine                     $2.25/1 lb. box           
Tierra Farm Three C Gorp – Cashews, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Chips             $6 per pint

Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece    500 ml bottle          $11 each

Domino Light Brown Sugar          1 lb. box $2.25 each

Toilet Paper   $1.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)
Paper Towels         $3.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)