This Week

Saturday, May 2

Pick Up Saturday 4 – 6pm.

Dream Away Lodge Take-out Menu                           May 2, 2020

(413) 623-8725                                             orders Thurs. and Fri noon to four

Blue Cheese Dressing (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)         Pint $10

Green Goddess Dressing (Gluten Free, contains anchovies)         Pint $10

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (Vegan, Gluten Free)         Pint $8

Classic Caesar Dressing (gluten free, contains anchovies and parmesan)         Pint $10

Croutons house seasoned           for 2         $3.50

Curried Yellow Split Pea Soup with sweet potatoes and kale (vegan, gluten free)

Corn Chowder with bacon (gluten free, dairy)

         Quart $18

         Pint $9

Black Pepper Tofu with Broccoli                  for 2    $25

Jasmine rice on the side (vegan)

Eggplant Parmesan                  9” pan $25

Baked eggplant layered with parmesan seasoned bread crumbs, marinara and mozzarella (vegetarian)

Indian Cilantro, Lemon and Ginger Chicken           for 2    $25

Dark meat chicken braised in fragrant sauce with lots of cilantro

Basmati rice on the side (gluten free)

Dream Away Meatloaf                  $25

2 lbs.of our seasoned beef meatloaf mixture, made into individual loaves and baked        

½ pint chipotle ketchup                          

Hungarian Beef Goulash                   for 2    $28

Slow simmered beef stew with sweet and smoked paprika, onions, tomato sauce…

Wide egg noodles on the side (gluten free without the noodles)

Cheese Ravioli – 10 large ravioli         (5 per person)         for 2    $10

• Vodka Sauce – Creamy tomato sauce (gluten free, vegetarian)         Quart   $16

• Pesto – Cilantro and Walnut with Parmesan (gluten free, vegetarian)  ½ pint   $12


Chocolate Cream Pie with Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust 6”          $12

Banana Cream Pie with Graham Cracker Crust 6”     $12

Mocha Butter Cake Loaf                           $12

Lemon-Blueberry Cake Loaf                            $12

2 Coconut Ginger Blondies with Caramel Sauce         $8

Dream Away Lodge Pantry Menu                                    (413) 623-8725

Saturday, May 2, 2020                           orders Thurs. and Fri noon to four

Hand Sanitizer         Alcohol 80 proof         8 oz. flip top bottles                   $7.25

Berkshire Mountain Bakery                  
San Francisco Sourdough (1 lb. unsliced) $3.50 per loaf
Sunny Flax (1 lb. unsliced)  $4.00 per loaf
Potato Onion (1 lb. unsliced)  $4.00 per loaf

Great Barrington Bagel Co.–Chef’s choice mixed ½ dz.           $8.00 per ½ dz.

Cream Cheese Schmears–Olive or Scallion or Plain  ½ pint $3.00

So Co Ice Cream Vanilla or Chocolate          $4.50 hand packed pint        

Feather Ridge Farm large brown eggs                   $4.00/dozen

High Lawn Farm whole milk                            $3.75/½ gallon

High Lawn Farm half and half                            $2.25/pint

Butter, unsalted                                              $3.25/solid pound

Noosa Fruit Yogurts 4 kinds per order Chef’s choice       $8.00 for four

Tobasi aged cheese from Cricket Creek Farm                  $15.00 ¼ wheel

Goat Cheese         $7.50 -½ lb                                            

Heckers All Purpose Flour         $5.00 per 5 lb. bag

SAF Yeast                  $3.00

Herbs                  Scallions $1.50         Basil $2.00

Cherry Tomato Medley             $5.00 per pint

Rainbow Chard, organic                  $4.00 per bunch

Kale, organic                  $4.00 per bunch

Red Peppers                   $3.25 for 2

Romaine Lettuce                  $3.00 per head

Boston Lettuce                  $3.00 per head

Grapefruit, Pink                  2 for $3.00

Bananas, fair trade organic         approx. 3 lb. at $4.25 per bunch

Lemons and Limes 3 of each per bag                  $4.50 per bag

Head of Garlic                    $2.50 per head

Hosta Hill Gochu Curried Kraut         $6.75 per pint                   

Barrington Coffee Roasters Vienna Roast                  $11.00/12oz. whole bean
Harney & Sons Tea         Box of 20 bags          $4.50

         English Breakfast or Organic Peppermint or Earl Grey Supreme

DeCecco Linguini                                                            $2.25/1 lb. box           
Tierra Farm Three C Gorp – Cashews, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Chips         $6 per pint

Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece          500 ml bottle          $11 each

Domino Light Brown Sugar          1 lb. box          $2.25 each

Toilet Paper                  $1.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)
Paper Towels                  $3.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)

wine and beer take-out

may 2, 2020


miller high life 4.6%                  3.00         

whale’s tale pale ale                  3.50         


artifact cider no new friends 16oz.         5.00 artifact cider magic hour 16oz.         5.00                 



pinot gris anne aimee twelve oaks rose



sauvignon blanc patient cottat



chinon raffault chinon les galuches  20.00                      

pinot noir cantina de caldaro


cotes du rhone kermit lynch


monastrell bodega martinez“hilanda”


grenache, syrah, cinsault le pigeoulet



a mason jar of dream away  sour mix          15.00