Our Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

(in a nutshell)


Good food is good food.

We like to gather it, touch it, cook it, smell it, taste it, share it, and serve it.

Food should be very fresh. Friends should grow it, produce it, and create it whenever possible.

We source our ingredients to support local farms and businesses as much as possible. The amazing bounty of our region is featured daily on our menu.

Food should change with the seasons and reflect the world we live in.

Our changing menu reflects a passionate commitment to seasonal, local, and sustainable, combined with the adventure of exciting ethnic flavors and soulful comfort foods.

We are grateful for what we have.

Continually mindful of the bounty we enjoy in this region and this country, we work hard to create good food using good ingredients and minimalize waste. Sitting down with friends, sharing a meal makes us human. Eating tomorrow is another adventure we can all look forward to….