April 25

Dream Away Lodge Take-out Menu                           Saturday April 25, 2020

(413) 623-8725                                            orders Thurs. and Fri noon to four

Blue Cheese Dressing (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)                           Pint $10

Green Goddess Dressing (Gluten Free, contains anchovies)         Pint $10

Red Wine Vinaigrette Dressing (Vegan, Gluten Free)                  Pint $8

Lettuce – Red Leaf or Boston please order from grocery list


Thai Curried Red Lentil with coconut milk (vegan, gluten free)  

Cream of Asparagus, Ramp and Potato (gluten free, turkey stock, dairy)

         Quart $18

         Pint $9

6” Little Quiche Lorraine – Ham, Gruyere, sautéed Onion          $12

Moroccan Roots and Chickpea Tagine                            for 2  $25

Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and Chickpeas with turmeric and sweet spices,

Couscous on the side (vegan, without couscous it’s gluten free)

Chicken Cacciatore                                                       for 2  $25

Dark meat chicken slow cooked with tomatoes, wine, onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, herbs (gluten free)

Thai Red Curry Chicken                                                       for 2  $25

Dark meat chicken braised in Classic Thai Red Curry, Coconut Milk, Kaffir Lime

With Jasmine Rice on the side (gluten free)

Polenta (organic, from Farmer Ground Flour) with Parmesan          $6.00

Slice it, a little brush of EVOO, grill or bake to heat. Great with Cacciatore or with sauces from below! (gluten free)

Cheese Ravioli – 10 large ravioli         (5 per person)                  for 2  $10

We also Have DeCecco Linguine in our Pantry Selection

Your choice of Sauce from below (both sauces are Gluten Free)

• Marinara Sauce – Garlicky San Marzano tomato sauce          $12/Quart

• Pesto – Basil and Walnut with Parmesan                            $12/½ pint


Wild Maine Blueberry Crumb Pie  6”          $12

Mocha Butter Cake Loaf                           $12

Carrot Cake Loaf                            $12

2 Coconut Ginger Blondies                  $4

Dream Away Lodge Pantry Menu                                    (413) 623-8725

Saturday, April 25, 2020                           orders thurs and fri noon to four

Hand Sanitizer         Alcohol 80 proof         8 oz. flip top bottles                   $7.25
Fatboy Foods partnered with eastern Mass distillers to create hand sanitizer that follows WHO and FDA formula. Ingredients: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, purified water.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery                   $3.50 per loaf
San Francisco Sourdough (1 lb. unsliced)
Sunny Flax (1 lb. unsliced)
Peasant (1 lb. unsliced)

Feather Ridge Farm large brown eggs                   $4.00/dozen

High Lawn Farm whole milk                            $3.75/½ gallon

High Lawn Farm half and half                            $2.25/pint

Butter, unsalted                                              $3.25/solid pound

Hawthorne Valley Farm Yogurt (organic whole milk)                    $ 5.75 per quart

Tobasi aged cheese from Cricket Creek Farm                  $15.00 ¼ wheel

Whipped Cream Cheese with Green and Kalamata Olives                  ½ pint $3.00

Grated Parmesan         1 Pint           $6.00 

Eiffel Brie                  $7.50/¼ wheel                       

Heckers All Purpose Flour         $5.00  per 5 lb bag

SAF Yeast                  $3.00

Herbs                  Scallions $1.50         Flat Leaf Parsley $1.50                  Cilantro $1.50

Mini Heirloom tomatoes Five College Farms, Hadley MA 16 oz.         $4.75

Asparagus                  $4.00 per pound

Kale, organic                  $4.00 per bunch

Carrots, organic         2 lb bags         $4.00

Red Leaf Lettuce                  $2.50 per head

Boston Lettuce                  $3.00 per headz

Grapefruit, Pink                  2 for $3.00

Bananas, fair trade organic         approx 3 lb. at $4.25 per bunch

Lemons and Limes 3 of each per bag                  $4.50 per bag

Barrington Coffee Roasters Vienna Roast                  $11.00/12oz. whole bean
Harney & Sons Tea         Box of 20 bags           $4.50

         English Breakfast or Organic Peppermint or Earl Grey Supreme

De Cecco Linguini                                                            $2.25/1 lb. box           
Tierra Farm Three C Gorp – Cashews, Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Chips         $6 per pint

Iliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Greece          500 ml bottle          $11 each

Toilet Paper                  $1.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)
Paper Towels                  $3.00 per roll (2 rolls per order please)

Wine and Beer Take-out

Beer: bottles and cans

miller high life 4.6%                            3.00

whale’s tale pale ale                                    3.50



glera prosecco tenuta santomè, veneto, it, n/v        22.00


pinot gris anne aimee twelve oaks rose                  25.00

willamette valley, or 2018                                       


sauvignon blanc patient cottat                                    20.00

val de loire, fr 2018                                       

chardonnay revelry vintners                                         22.00

columbia valley, wa 2016                                           


chinon raffault chinon les galuches                         20.00

loire valley, fr 2018                                                 

pinot noir cantina de caldaro                                      18.00

alto adige, it 2017

cotes du rhone kermit lynch                                      20.00

rhone valley, fr 2017

cab sauv, merlot, petit verdot red iq                            22.00

colombia valley, washington 2016

monastrell bodega p. l. martinez “hilanda”                   18.00

jumilla, sp 2016                                              

grenache, syrah, cinsault, carignan le pigeoulet           25.00

rhone valley, fr 2018

cabernet sauvignon stephen ross “flying cloud”          24.00

paso robles, ca 2016                                              

EXTRAS:                                                               15.00

A mason jar of Dream Away’s house-made fresh Sour mix

…you supply the Tequila and you’re set to go!!