This Week

April 11

Dream Away Lodge Take-out Menu                          

(413) 623-8725                           orders thurs and fri noon to four

Blue Cheese Dressing (Vegetarian, Gluten Free)                           Pint $10

Green Goddess Dressing (Gluten Free, contains anchovies)         Pint $10

Balsamic Dressing (Vegan, Gluten Free)                                    Pint $8

Head of Boston Bibb Lettuce          please order from grocery list, $2.00 per head

Carrot, Orange and Ginger Soup (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Cream of Broccoli Soup (Gluten free, chicken stock, dairy) Qt: $18/Pint: $9

Pork Chile

Tender slow cooked pork butt simmered with red chile, spices, vegetables

and black beans served with Cornbread (Gluten Free without Cornbread)

         Quart (2 squares cornbread) $20

         Pint (1 square cornbread) $10

Baked Ham

with dijon-brown sugar glaze and roasted pineapple, Confetti Coleslaw,

Potato Salad with celery, red onion, herbs and light mayonnaise based dressing

         For 2–$26                           For 4–$52

Rack of Lamb

marinated in Garlic, Rosemary, Thyme, Sumac and EVOO ! (Gluten Free)

$18.00 each rack

Sold uncooked, 8 chop full rack with roasting instructions! Vegetables on Pantry List.

Cold Poached Salmon

with cucumber, dill and sourcream sauce on the side

Roast Asparagus, Rustic Smashed Potatoes

For 2–$36                           For 4–$72

Cheese Ravioli Primavera

Sauteed Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Peas, with Pesto on the side (vegetarian, pesto on the side contains nuts and parmesan)

         For 2–$24                           For 4–$48

Chocolate Chip Cookies ½ dozen                  $6.00  

Cheesecake with Cherries  6”                   $12

Carrot Cake Loaf                   $12

2 Brownies with our Hot Fudge Sauce         $6.00

See Pantry List for hand packed SoCo Ice Creams!!!

Dream Away Lodge Pantry Menu                                   

(413) 623-8725                           orders thurs and fri noon to four

Hand Sanitizer         Alcohol 80 proof         8 oz. flip top bottles                   $7.25
Fatboy Foods partnered with eastern Mass distillers to create hand sanitizer that follows WHO and FDA formula. Ingredients: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, purified water.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery                   $3.50 per loaf
San Francisco Sourdough (1 lb. unsliced)
Sunny Flax (1 lb. unsliced)
Peasant (1 lb. unsliced)

Featherridge Farm large brown eggs                   $3.50/dozen

High Lawn Farm whole milk                            $3.75/½ gallon

High Lawn Farm half and half                            $2.25/pint

Butter, unsalted                                              $3.25/solid pound

SoCo Ice cream, hand packed pint                  $4.00

Specify flavor choice: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee

Hawthorne Valley Farm Yogurt (organic whole milk)                    $ 5.75 per quart

R & G Goat Cheese with herbs and EVOO         $11.00 pint             $5.50 half pint

Cabot Sharp Black Wax Cheddar                  $18.00 whole 2 lb wheel         $9.00 1 lb-½ wheel

Eiffel Brie                        $7.50/¼ wheel                       

Heckers All Purpose Flour         $5.00  per 5 lb bag

SAF Yeast                  $3.00

Fresh Basil                                    $3.00 per bunch

Mini Heirloom tomatoes                   4.75per box

Asparagus                                    $4.00 per bunch

Broccolini                                    $3.50 per bunch
Rainbow Chard                           $3.50 per bunch                                                                          Red Beets, local organic                  $2.00 per pound
Carrots, local organic                  $2.00 per pound
Boston Bibb Lettuce                           $2.50 per head

Mutsu Apples, Bartlette’s Orchard, Richmond, MA         4 for $3.75

Toilet Paper                                                      $1.00 per roll
Paper Towels                                             $3.00 per roll

Barrington Coffee Roasters Vienna Roast                  $11.00/12oz. whole bean
Farmer Ground Flour organic all purpose flour         $4.25/2lbs.
Domino Brown Sugar                                             $2.00/1 lb. box
De Cecco Spaghetti                                             $2.25/1 lb. box        

Olives                                                                                                                                Mixed Greek with pits                                    $3.50/half pint                   

Castlevetrano with pits                                    $3.50/half pint                          

Green pitted                                                      $3.50/half pint                            

Entelia (Crete) Extra Virgin Olive Oil                  $11.00/500ml

Wine and Beer Take-out

Beer: bottles and cans

miller high life 4.6%                            3.00

whale’s tale pale ale                                    3.50



glera prosecco tenuta santomè, veneto, it, n/v        22.00


pinot gris anne aimee twelve oaks rose                  25.00

willamette valley, or 2018                                       


sauvignon blanc patient cottat                                    20.00

val de loire, fr 2018                                       

chardonnay revelry vintners                                         22.00

columbia valley, wa 2016                                           


chinon raffault chinon les galuches                         20.00

loire valley, fr 2018                                                 

pinot noir cantina de caldaro                                      18.00

alto adige, it 2017

cotes du rhone kermit lynch                                      20.00

rhone valley, fr 2017

cab sauv, merlot, petit verdot red iq                            22.00

colombia valley, washington 2016

monastrell bodega p. l. martinez “hilanda”                   18.00

jumilla, sp 2016                                              

grenache, syrah, cinsault, carignan le pigeoulet           25.00

rhone valley, fr 2018

cabernet sauvignon stephen ross “flying cloud”          24.00

paso robles, ca 2016                                              

EXTRAS:                                                               15.00

A mason jar of Dream Away’s house-made fresh Sour mix

…you supply the Tequila and you’re set to go!!