This Week

July 11 – 15

Every Wednesday: Our community Music Hootenanny

Thursday, July 12: Double Diamond

Friday, July 13: Dan Blakeslee

Saturday, July 14: Misty Blues

Sunday, July 15: Hotel Ten Eyes with Joe Fletcher

This Week

July 4 – 8

Every Wednesday: Our community Music Hootenanny

Thursday, July 5: LOONE

Friday, July 6: Greg Humphreys

Saturday, July 7: Scratch Ticket

This Week

June 6 – 10

Every Wednesday: Our community Music Hootenanny

Thursday, June 7: Ryan Davis (formerly of State Champion) and Party of the Sun

Friday, June 8: Izzy Heltai with Honeysuckle

Saturday, June 9: Pop Up Raw Oyster Bar (bring cash) starts at 5 while supplies last!
In the Music Room: Jack Waldheim

Sunday, June 10: Dharmasoul with Allie McGuirk

This Week

May 30 – June 3

Every Wednesday: Our community Music Hootenanny

Thursday, May 31: Cosmic Candy and the Galactic Gang Burlesque

Friday, June 1: Niall Connolly

Saturday, June 2: Rev Tor

Sunday, June 3: Rachel Laitman

This Week

May 23 – 27

Every Wednesday: Community Music Hootenanny
PLUS The Hot Spot, our outdoor cafe, officially opens! Wednesdays through Sundays. Wood fired Pizzas and more. No reservation needed!

Thursday, May 24: Chandler Travis 

Friday, May 25: Dan Blakeslee

Saturday, May 26: Winterpills

Sunday, May 27:
5:30pm: Boob Tube in Becket, our Cocktail Hour Comedy. Volunteers read vintage TV scripts. Fun! Dangerous! This week, All in the Family.
8pm: Allysen Callery and Josh Burquett in the Music Room

This Week

May 17 – 20

Every evening we feature live music at about 8pm.

Every Wednesday: Community Music Hootenanny

Thursday, May 17: Wishbone Zoe

Friday, May 18: Moonshine Holler

Saturday, May 19: Queler/Farber Family

Sunday, May at 5:30: Boob Tube in Becket. This week a LIVE cast reads Gilligan’s Island.

Sunday, May 20 at 8pm: Lexi Weege

This Week

May 9 – 13

Wednesday, May 9: Community Music Night, Burger Specials, The Hot Spot opens with Pizzas!

Thursday, May 10: Burger Specials, Music: Ray Mason

Friday, May 11: Bernice Lewis

Saturday, May 12: Pop Up Raw Oyster Bar! Music: Bobby Sweet

Sunday, May 13: 5:30: BOOB Tube in Becket (our cocktail comedy series) Grab a cocktail and watch a live cast read your favorite Sit-Com; 8PM: Driftwood Soldier (band)

This Week

May 2 – May 6

Wednesday, May 2: First Community Music Hootenanny plus Burger Specials!

Thursday, May 3: We Are Here plus Burger Specials!

Friday, May 4: Carinae

Saturday, May 5: Johnny Irion and a Pop Up Band!

Sunday May 6: The Go Rounds

This Week

April 27 – 29

Friday, April 27: Misty Blues

Saturday, April 28: Nana World Jazz

Sunday, April 29: Avi Jacob

This Week