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The Dream Away is renown region wide for the culinary creations of beloved chef, Amy Loveless!

Reservations for dinner are very much in order.
Reservations are accepted from 5:00pm to 9pm, pending availability

Reservations for phone only, please. 

We are happy to accept VISA, Mastercard, your American dollars or your local (Western MA) check,

NEW LATE WINTER MENU (starts 2/14/14)


smokey spiced almonds    3

toasted french bread, garlic and evoo    3

castelvetrano olives     4

olives, pepperoncini and cornichon    4

cilantro jalapeno deviled eggs     4

gould farm cheddar, guava paste     5

spicy roast potatoes, blue cheese dressing    5

white anchovies, sherry-pickled onions    5


soups of the day   7

mixed greens

choice of balsamic or green goddess  ♦   8

iceberg wedge 

house-made blue cheese dressing   8

kale caesar salad

croutons, parmesan   8

add white anchovies or bacon  +3

whole slow roasted spanish onion 

honey-pomegranate butter, pecorino romano   8

abair farm chopped chicken liver

crostini and cornichon   9


mozzarella and marinara (kids pizza)    10

kale, garlic, pecorino romano (white)     12

steak, marinara and rosemary  13


grilled hard roll, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle,

coleslaw, and oven-roasted potatoes

add cheddar or blue cheese  + 1

            add neuske's bacon  + 2

dream away sirloin burger   12

lahey farm grass-fed burger as available   15

house-made lentil brown rice burger    12

abair farm grilled chicken breast   13


salad burger

any of the above (as priced) served on our mixed green salad with choice of dressing and a pickle 


main dishes

dubu jorim  

korean fried tofu, with spicy soy, chile, sesame,

garlic sauce, carrots, peas and scallions.

with rice and gingered cucumber salad  20


vietnamese inspired fish stew ♦ 

cod filet simmered in coconut, green herb & spice

broth served in clay pot with rice  22

duck carnitas taco 

mexican confit duck, pulled, fried crispy in corn tortillas with cabbage, cilantro, lime and salsa macha, a rich

red chile, almond and sesame seed salsa,

with rice and beans  23


abair farm chicken and dumplings 

dark meat chicken simmered in rich broth

with carrots, onion, celery, peas, fresh herbs and dumplings  20


abair farm statler chicken breast   

thyme and lemon roasted, with parsnip puree,

french beans and du puy lentils  24


beef tenderloin 

seared, with ponzu sauce, rice, french beans, peas  25


rib eye steak 

boneless with house-made steak sauce, buttered carrots, parsnips, oven-roasted potatoes   28



one good dish   15

add mixed green salad or soup of the day + 5

- pei mussels, shallot-ginger cream broth 

- red chili, cheddar and scallion enchiladas

- baked cod, cream and buttered bread crumbs

- red flannel hash, poached egg 

- mac and cheese, onion-bacon chutney

- orecchiette, prosciutto, peas and cream

- linguini, kale tomato sauce, parmesan


  gluten free