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There is live music at the Dream Away most weekend nights, and most Thursdays and Sundays as well during the summer season. The Dream Away is known across the region for its all original music and its lively, fifty-year running Wednesday night Hootenanny - all acoustic and all original music or music in the public domain.

The Dream Away features the best in up and coming original talent from the region and around the country. Musicians ranging from Pete Seeger and the Guthrie family to the Jeff Lewis Band and Hammel on Trial, from the Mammals to the Milagro Saints and Milton. San Francisco-based Vetiver and regional heroes Erin McKeown and Sean Rowe are regulars here. Beloved locals Bobby Sweet, Robby Baier, Hector on Stilts, The Stairwell Sisters, Norwegian pop star Teitur and nomad accordionist Jason Webley are all part of Dream Away's extended and growing musical family. Performers love the lodge's history, the lingering aura of Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review, the intimacy of the Music Room, the relationship of the music to the audience, and the incomparable atmosphere of the Lodge.

Believe it or not, musicians at Dream Away play for dinner and tips. We feed them and we tip them well. All you have to do is tip them, so come prepared to tip generously!!

Events and Music  2014


Music generally begins
between 8:30pm and 9pm

Book your holiday party or special event at the you know where....

Friday, February 14
Home Body

Saturday, February 15
Bernice Lewis

Sunday, February 16
The Dire Honeys

Friday, February 21

Saturday, February 22
Ron Gallo and friends

Sunday, February 23
Dave Dersham

Friday, February 28
Them There Ghosts


Saturday, March 1
Dan Blakeslee
Jonah Tolchin

Sunday, March 2
Dan Johnson

Friday, March 7

Saturday, March 8
Bobby Sweet

Sunday, March 9
Alexander Turnquist

Friday, March 14
Justin Hillman and Zoe Sundra 

Saturday, March 15
special guests

Sunday, March 16
Tor Krautter

Monday March 17
St Patrick's Day
With the Misty Blues Band

Friday, March 21
Namoli Brennet

Saturday, March 22
Poor Old Shine

Sunday, March 23
Deena Chappell

Friday, March 28

Lisa Austin and Chris Elliot

Saturday, March 29
Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

Sunday, March 30
Oakes and Smith


Friday, April 4
Carrie Ferguson
Heather Pierson

Saturday, April 5
Larkin Grimm

Sunday, April 6
Ray Mason

Friday, April 11
Dave Dersham

Saturday, April 12
Nana Simopolous Group

Sunday, April 13
Chandler Travis Three-O

Tuesday, April 15
Our annual second-night
Passover Seder

Friday, April 18
Kath Bloom

Saturday, April 19
Avi Jacob

Sunday, April 20
Daniel Bachman
Video from NPR's studio:

Friday, April 25
Bernice Lewis

Saturday, April 26
Bunny's a Swine

Sunday, April 27
The Podunk Throwbacks



Thursday, May 1
Jake Klar

Friday, May 2
Marjorie Thompson and Greg Franklin

Saturday, May 3
Justin Hillman

Sunday May 4
M.R. Polopolous ?

Monday May 5
Cinco de Mayo
Our annual Mexican Independence Day fiesta. Excellent food, much festivity...
Music with Tony Lee Thomas

Thursday, May 8
Deena Chappell

Friday, May 9
Allysen Callery and Haunt the House

Saturday, May 10
The Defibulators

Sunday May 11
Moonshine Holler ?

Thursday, May 15

Friday, May 16
Stephani Nilles and Feral Foster

Saturday May 17
Session Americana

Sunday May 18

Thursday, May 22
Brummy Brothers ?

Friday, May 23
Tall Heights

Saturday May 24
Up the Chain

Sunday May 25
Sweet Soubrette

Thursday, May 29
Sam Moss

Friday, May 30
Bobby Sweet

Saturday May 31
Dubl Handi


Open Acoustic Music Night every Wednesday!

Sunday June 1
Cuddle Magic

Thursday, June 5
Deena Chappell

Schedule subject to change and expansion

Schedule subject to change and expansion

The Dream Away Lodge, County Rd. Becket 413.623.8725